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Onsite recruitment in a nutshell is stationing a recruitment consultant on a customer site to manage contractors
onsite, recruit and induct new staff and manage all payroll from a site level. The advantage of this service is to
allow complete outsourcing of casual labour management onsite, with a consultant available at all times to keep a
finger on the pulse with site requirements.

This type of service is not something typically offered to SME businesses, but only to very large manufacturers with 100’s of contractors onsite.

WORKHORSE STAFFING offers this model on a part time basis, where we commit to work from your site from 4 – 8
hours per week, to allow:

  • More regular contact with contractors and site supervisors
  • Completion of weekly toolbox talks.
  • Completing Onsite inductions for all new starters
  • Ability to interview, register, complete site tours & client introduction all in the same meeting.
  • Weekly timesheet collection / Payroll management
  • Pre-empt upcoming requirements and have staff ready for work.