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Some people have different skills they’ve developed over time, while others have an innate ability to work in specific industries. If you’re a highly technical individual and enjoy working with intricate parts, you should pursue one of our available mechanical fitter jobs. Workhorse Staffing is a reputable trade recruitment agency that assists businesses around NSW to source the best employees for their mechanical fitter vacancies.

Everything You Need to Know About Mechanical Fitter Jobs Across Sydney

If you have experience in the field, you should know what mechanical fitter jobs in NSW entail. However, if you are interested in the field or perhaps have recently completed your training to become a mechanical fitter, you’re probably longing for more information about this career path. We’re here to help, and we’ll start by telling you everything you need to know about this role.

As a mechanical fitter, your primary duty will be assembling and fitting metal parts to fabricate manufacturing machines and other equipment. Also, you will use your specific knowledge of engineering techniques and tools to perform scheduled maintenance and unplanned repairs to ensure that the equipment remains operational.

For mechanical fitters, the trade and services industry is key because they offer the most positions for professionals. You’d be responsible for testing various types of machines and identifying those that have defective or worn-out components so that the business can avoid lengthy delays and slow productivity.

You must be familiar with precision measuring instruments to ensure the perfect fit for machinery and a wide range of tools such as lathes, thermal heating, cutting, welding, milling, and drilling equipment. These tools help you mark, cut, grind, press, bore and drill different objects.

In most cases, you’d have to wear personal protective equipment such as earmuffs or dust masks to guard yourself against other elements in the workspace.

Why Trust Workhorse Staffing for Fitter Welder Jobs

While this particular trade skill is in high demand around the world and in Australia, you must collaborate with the ideal recruiter who values your skills and abilities.

We believe that you’re more than an asset to a business. You are an individual with specific needs, so we won’t merely find you a position that applies your talents but rather search for a job where you can enjoy practising what you love. Our team takes time to find the best match for you and the business.

We’ve developed relationships with multiple organisations across the state that require a mechanical fitter’s skills. Our knowledge of each operation is key to identifying the perfect company that matches your career goals, especially for growth in the near future.

Being a recruitment agency for the trade industry means we’re aware of vacancies before they become available to the public. As a result, we can put our best foot forward first by offering our clients your services before they’ve seen a host of other candidates. While this doesn’t promise you the job, it places you in an excellent position.

About Workhorse Staffing

We’re an agency with a clear focus on the industrial sector. When you collaborate with us, you can rest easy in knowing that we have the experience and relationships with the relevant businesses to find you a spot on their team.

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