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Look no further if you’re a fabrication tradie looking for boilermaker jobs. We work with a massive range of businesses that all need staff – whether permanent or temporary – and you might be the ideal new employee for them. Choose Workhorse Staffing and get the assistance you need to find your next tradie job with minimum hassle.

Different Types of Fabrication Jobs Our Team Can Help You Find

We have a range of options available

Workhorse Staffing can engage with you a number of different ways – below are a few options available to you to work as a fabricator in NSW!


When we say casual labour hire, we’re referring to short- or long-term engagement as casual staff to someone who requires tradies. Depending on your availability and preference, these engagements could last a week to a few months.


Finding permanent metal fabrication jobs in Sydney can be tricky if you don’t know where to look. Luckily, our team can assist you in finding a suitable permanent position that meets your requirements, since companies always approach us looking for skilled tradies.


If you prefer to oversee projects and provide your services as a qualified supervisor, we can assist you with your job search. Many businesses need qualified supervisors on their projects to provide hands-on mentors to guide their less experienced staff to task completion.

Common Skills Required for Boilermaker Jobs in NSW

You will need on-site experience. Experience with on-site fabrication is almost always a must-have on the list of requirements. The companies that come to us for boilermakers want to know that the staff we send to them have an established understanding of on-site workflow to avoid unnecessary interruptions or slow progress.

Some companies will require that you pass a welding test before acceptance. Since you will spend considerable time welding on the job, the employer must see what you’re capable of before they can offer you the job.

You will need Australian-recognised qualifications in fabrication or as a boilermaker. Qualifications – such as a Certificate III in Engineering – prove to future employers that you have a good understanding of the job and have undergone the necessary training before application. If you do not have the relevant qualifications, acquiring it will be worth considering.

There may be small additional requirements. Some minor requirements from clients may include bringing some of your own tools to the job site, bringing your own welding helmet, or having reliable transport. While these requirements don’t directly relate to your skills as a tradie, they do come up occasionally, so make sure to invest accordingly.

Please note that these requirements are not always necessary, and that each client provides us with a list of their specific needs when they enquire about staff. We will make this list available with the job posting.

One of the Top Industrial Recruitment Agencies

As one of the top industrial recruitment agencies in Sydney, we have an established reputation for helping our clients find the ideal staff based on their trade requirements. We operate as the connection between skilled tradies and the employers who need them. If you feel you have the necessary skills to offer as an on-site boilermaker, we encourage you to use our services, so your next job search goes much faster.

Call us today or create your account on our platform so you can get your next job sooner rather than later.