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Recruiting permanent staff for your business can be a long, exhausting and expensive exercise, and is something
that most businesses do not have time to allocate the required hours to achieve the desired results.

Our approach with Permanent Recruitment starts with us understanding the complexities of your business, not only
from a skills perspective but a cultural and team fit to ensure that the people we place within your organisation will
be long term staff who help your business grow.

To allow us to get our sourcing strategy right, we compare your business to the market, competitors and other like businesses that we can attract staff from, and we identify what sets you apart. We design our marketing campaigns around these highlights and begin our search.

Unlike others, we do not just post an ad online and wait for response, but instead WORKHORSE STAFFING will actively search for the best candidates for your role and reach out to those who will compliment your team.

Benefits for engaging with WORKHORSE STAFFING for your next permanent placement include:

  • Specialist business with access to a large network of specific candidates
  • Number of billing options – including staggered monthly payments rather than lump sum.
  • 90 Day Replacement Guarantee Period on placements
  • Competitive & affordable rates!